"I Love Hot Dogs, Like A Lot" Says Florida Woman, Who Is Paid In Hot Dogs

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Florida, Florida, Florida, you never fail to amaze me.

Everybody meet Danielle from Florida, who currently works for Wily-Yums, a hot dog shop in Bradenton, Florida.

SOURCE-“I was surprised and I was like, ‘Maybe I can help him out with this.’ So I talked to him that very first day about it,” Danielle recalled.

The owner said he would love the help but couldn’t afford to pay her as the business was brand new.  Instead, he offered to pay her in hot dogs.

Danielle didn’t blink.

“I mean, I love hot dogs, like a lot,” Danielle said.

Often times on Twitter a discussion starts over journalists/bloggers/social media managers working for free. Most our on the side of never working for free. Makes sense. However, when you love the game like Danielle, money doesn’t matter. You do it for the hot dogs, not the fame or the dollar bills.

Among the hot dogs options at Willy-Yum’s:

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Danielle has only tried two of them. Why not all? She doesn’t like vegetables. That’s a Florida Woman if I’ve ever heard one. Is your hot dog covered in cheese, ketchup, and beef? Danielle is going to love it. Add some onions to it? Get that shit away from Danielle. Asap.