BARSTOOL EXCLUSIVE: Michelle Beadle WILL Return To NBA Countdown Next Season

After Game 6, I posted the video above of Michelle Beadle discussing Kawhi’s issues with the Spurs a season ago.

Today, she threw me into a damn locker:

However, law 6 states court attention at all costs and this attention is great attention. Why? Earlier this week, it was reported Beadle would not be returning to Countdown:

Turns out that isn’t true according to this Barstool exclusive. Beadle will be back on Countdown next season, first reported by Barstool Sports.

You may remember my last scoop didn’t go so well when I said Ed Cooley was going to Michigan. I caught a lot of heat for that. That’s what happens when you are in the arena. I said I’d be back and won’t you know it, I just outscooped the entire Internet. Bada bing. Bada boom. Realest scooper in the room.

P.s. Was Michelle Beadle searching her name on Twitter while she was on vacation?! Seems like it.