"Nobody Likes" Chip Kelly On UCLA, Only 10 Players Have His Phone Number

This tweet comes courtesy of “Inside The Team:”

Screen Shot 2019-06-17 at 4.58.06 PM

How legit is this? Who knows, but there are indications that they do have legit quotes:

The Twitter account also has a website, where players can rate their coaches anonymously.

Screen Shot 2019-06-17 at 5.05.34 PM

And add that to how poorly the Chip Kelly era has gone, the above tweet is very believable.

I was excited where I heard Chip Kelly was coming back to the college football world. Since then? 3-9 in 2018. The 40th ranked recruiting class in 2019 and, currently, the 75th ranked recruiting class in 2020. Not great!

We saw how quickly it unraveled for him in Philly. Now we are looking at a situation in Los Angeles that may turn sour fast.

The good news? Everything can change quickly with a little bit of medicine called winning. An out of conference schedule with @ Cincinnati, and home for Oklahoma/SDSU, you look directly at starting your 2019 0-3. After that, you have a road trip to Washington State and Arizona? Could UCLA be 0-5 before they get Oregon State at home? Hopefully, he can keep the locker room in check. UCLA is one of those teams that makes college football better when they are good.