Walk The Line: Dottie Hinson dropped that ball on purpose and it was incredibly selfish

It’s time we all agreed on this. I have met people that believe she dropped the ball accidentally, but that’s just wrong. Dottie dropped that ball on purpose and it was one of the most selfish acts in sports history.

We’re talking about about Game 7 on the All American Girls Professional Baseball League World Series. With star catcher Dottie gone home to Oregon with her husband, the Rockford Peaches valiantly battled to a 3-3 standstill. Come Game 7, though, here comes Dottie and she demands to play. She just puts on the gear and acts as if nothing happened.

Then, in the game’s final moments, she has the ball waiting to tag out the Racine runner, who happened to be her sister, Kit. Kit bowls over Dottie and at the end, Dottie slowly, dramatically lets the ball roll away.

Selfish ass shit.

Anyway, here are today’s picks:

Nationals ML (-140) over Phillies

Reds-Astros under 8.5

Padres ML (-115) over Brewers

CFB future: Iowa State over 8