What Experiences Should've Been Auctioned Off By Barstool For Charity

Did you hear the news? Barstool experiences are on sale at the moment. You can win things like spending a day with Carrabis at a Red Sox game or being Erika’s intern. On top of that, it’s all for a good cause. This got me thinking, in a perfect world, what else should be auctioned off?

Go On A Run With Tyler O’Day

Starting Bid $0

All money will be given to Tyler O’Day. He will not equally share it with everybody in the company or give it to charity. That’s his money.

Spend A Night In Marty’s Basement

Starting Bid $25

Want to take a trip to a basement in a suburb of Long Island? This one is just for you.

Get To Pie Nate:

Starting Bid $50

Get A Beer At Hurricane O’Reilly’s With Feits

Starting Bid $10

SWAT Somebody With Devlin:

Starting Bid $0.99

Screen Shot 2019-06-18 at 10.57.53 AM

Offer A $50 Barstool Sports Gift Card To A Washed Up Vine Star With A Barstool Lawyer

Starting Bid $50

Go On A Private Jet With A Spittin Chiclets Producer And Party With The Stanley Cup:

Starting Bid $1000

Joining the mile high club is sold separately.

Screen Shot 2019-06-18 at 11.17.25 AM

A Trip To Youngstown For A Box Eating Lesson With Youngstown Bob

Starting Bid $100

Cook Steaks On An Indoor Grill With Frank The Tank

Starting Bid $0 (This One Is Free)

Weigh In With Frank The Tank

Starting Bid 5 Pounds

Write A Headline With Greenie

Starting Bid 1 Hour Nap



Spend Thanksgiving With Big Cat In His Home State Of Massachusetts

Starting Bid $500

Complain About Others Work Ethic With Tech Guy Andrew

Starting Bid $0 (This One Is Also Free)

Tweet Out Non-Barstool Related Content With Deke Zucker

Starting Bid $1

“Spill” Milk & Cereal On The Ground With Dana B

Starting Bid $2

Watch Even Stevens With Beans (Me)

Starting Bid $10

Some people say I look like Beans. I thought it would be wrong to not include a dig at myself.

Post A Blog With 72 Page Views With White Sox Dave

Starting Bid $2

Black Out With Our Data Guy At 3:27 PM In Nantucket

Starting Bid $5

Mop The Floor Of A High School With RA

Starting Bid $10

Take 4 Years To Post The First Episode Of Barstool Outdoors With YP

Starting Bid $1

Start Another Food Show With The Fat Pen

Starting Bid: 2 Burgers

Post An Instagram With A Random Girl That You Totally Aren’t Trying To Make Look Like Your Girlfriend With Hubbs

Starting Bid $5

Screen Shot 2019-06-18 at 5.16.18 PM

Post A Thirst Trap With Kayce Smith*

Starting Bid $100

*DMs from pro athletes sold separately






Go To A Halloween Party With Gaz

Starting Bid $50