Football Player Being Investigated For A HUGE Bet

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Source:  Fairfax Media reported Stephenson was being investigated for placing a bet on a Collingwood game, and that the bet was under $50.

The most obvious thing about this is that people that are in this league are gambling on the game. To me if you are a rugby player you have to be a degenerate. I mean these crazy fucks are playing football without helmets or pads and just beat the shit out of each other. It saddens me that I have to sit here and think that this bastard only bet $10 on himself.

First of all what kind of confidence do you have in yourself to only bet ten bucks on yourself. If you are only going to bet that much on yourself just bet the house on the other team and blow it. If I am ever going to go into the clink for anything I want to be apart of shaving points. I have had a plan for years but veery tough to put the pieces together. I feel like if any sport is still having players bet Rugby was not a surprising one.

This isn’t the first time it has happened in this league and the other guy who got caught gambling only was suspended for 8 games. So bet 100,000 on the other team and double your salary while you sit home for 8 games. Fuck I need to move to Australia. I have just talked to PFT as well and this is not rugby. It is a totally different sport and I am really confused.