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I Don't Need Credit I'll Keep Winning

Yesterday I gave you a pick that won in the second inning. The worst part about all of this is that I haven’t hit a soccer bet since 1967 and am still down for the week. I will get right into my picks so you don’t have to read terrible grammar and just look at the winners.


Giants @ Dodgers

The Dodgers fucked me on Sunday night baseball by beating the Cubs 3-2 but you know me and I like a reason for betting on a team. I guess it could be that the best pitcher in the MLB is pitching but it is his bobble head night. Clayton Kershaw pitching on Clayton Kershaw Bobble head night?? If he loses this game he should head right to jail because that is just a crime.

Dodgers -1.5 


Sparks -1.5 

Mississipi ST ML