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Ride With Mush

Today was a brutal start to the day. The Fever just never showed up and I swear I have never seen a team hit this many threes in a game and that includes the Warriors. I am in deep shit on a Wednesday so this pick is do or die. So at least you know Im dying with this pick and the research is heavy.


Indians @ Rangers

I said I wasn’t going to bet this game because I know the pitcher personally but it stood out to me the most. Joe Palumbo is making his second start in the MLB and I have seen him pitch my whole life. To make sure I make this about me I was the number one pitcher on our team but thats besides the point. The Indians just are not a good team and Palumbo can tear through there lineup. Lefty with good stuff and Adam Plutko isn’t winning shit. Palumbo went straight from high school to the pros and he will leave his mark.

Rangers -105


New York Liberty