This Woj Bomb Won Everyone Some Coin

Usually a Woj bomb hits you right in the heart with your favorite player getting traded or something along those lines. Last night we were blessed with a gift from this son of a bitch and I couldn’t of called all my degenerate friends any faster. The line was posted at for DeAndre Hunter to under 5.5 even after this was announced. Obviously I bet everything I could on this but once you hit that submit button you start having flashbacks.

The first flashback that I had was when that greek director caught wind when he was at +1500 for best director and that was just complete false information. When you have been gambling this long nothing comes this easy.

You see it my face that nothing is this easy. There usually is something that will happen and absolutely fuck me out of money. Last night was a rare occurence of everything going to plan and Hunter went 4th overall. Thank you to Woj and the gambling gods for giving this one. I was surprised my book honored the bet but thats the right thing to do. Things are looking up in the world of mush. (I lost 3 straight bets right after this)