Walk The Line: No fights today, I'm on vacation

Sadly, I haven’t been called an asshole yet today. It’s early, though. There was this one big woman at the hotel pool earlier who nearly got sideways with me, but we ultimately mutually agreed to discipline each of our kids together. It was damn beautiful.

Also, when I don’t have a great idea for a thumbnail, I just default to Al Bundy. That’s who I am.

Anyway, we’re finishing up a solid week on Walk The Line, a second-straight winning week after a terrible start to June. For tonight, four MLB picks.

Up first, Dallas Keuchel will make his Braves’ debut. Since we don’t know what we’ll be getting and he did give up 11 hits in his Double-A warmup start, I’m not comfortable taking Braves ML. I’m also not comfortable with the Nats, as Strasburg has a 4.01 career ERA against Atlanta. Add that up, and my pick is Nats-Braves Over 9.

Other picks for tonight:

Astros ML (+140) over Yankees

Dodgers-Rockies Over 7.5

Red Sox-Blue Jays Over 8.5

Also, hi, Brandon Walker here. I want to put together a blog of life advice for those of you who need to be like me. Email me any questions at Walker@BarstoolSports.com. I received 3 questions yesterday and I need a few more. Ok, I’m heading back to my overpriced vacation in a decaying hotel on a depressing public beach in Southern Alabama. Roll Tide.