Bitcoin Breaks $10,000 For First Time Since March 2018


In the wise words of Meek Mill, HOLD UP WAIT A MINUTE. YALL THOUGHT WE WERE FINISHED?!?!?!?

Bitcoin was dead. For the 800th time in its lifetime. It was going to zero. And then boom. It did what it had done 799 times before. It recovered.

At the time of this post, Bitcoin is at $10,507:

Everybody said it was dead. Jamie Dimon. CEO of JP Morgan. He said it was dead. Warren Buffet? Ever heard of him. He said it was dead. Peter Schiff? That guy who won’t shut up about gold? Yeah, he said it was dead. And you wouldn’t believe it. Bitcoin came back from the dead. AGAIN. It’s bottom? Just over 3,000 in December 2018. They said it couldn’t be done.

10k is going to look like nothing in about 3-5 years. That’s why you should go over to the Cash App, buy some Bitcoin, forget about it, and look at it in 2022. You’ll thank me and the Cash App, who is the sponsor of the great show, Big Brain:

Don’t buy on Coinbase. They are frauds. Go over to the Cash App and buy some Bitcoin RIGHT NOW.

This is my greatest call in history:

Lmao, remember this blog?

Screen Shot 2019-06-21 at 10.21.02 PM

When this blog was written, Bitcoin’s price was $3,467. If anybody bought Bitcoin at that time instead of calling it stupid, you know what the return would be? 203%. No, really. TWO HUNDRED THREE PERCENT. UNHEARD OF.

Go buy some. Now. Of course, do it responsibly, though.

P.s. Shout out Satoshi and Bitcoin Marty.