Several TVs Were Broken Last Night Over This Bet

Screen Shot 2019-06-24 at 11.04.05 AM

There needs to be a support group for when shit happens like this. The over under was 9 runs, and if anyone took this game no matter what you had you turned this game off. It was two fucking nothing going into the ninth inning and these suckers scored 8 runs in the ninth. I live bet the under at 8.5 and was prancing around that I just turned my week around.

Obviously I didn’t even take a look just assumed I won and in the middle of the night I checked just to see heartbreak. Obviously the loss is brutal but the worst part of it all is that it was the last game of the night/week. You are usually down about $300-$400 going into the last game of the week and you have to double up. You even start to live bet because everything is going so well and you get fucked.

This whole gambling thing is a brutal business. There is nothing to bet on during the summer and it treats you like trash. The money lines are always high and you just lose a shit ton of money. But I also love the rush and can’t stop because betting for ties in soccer is fucking exhilarating. So if you had the under last night like myself, we will start a support group just so we all keep our composure and stay out of the red. I literally think that after a loss like that you just need to do something enjoyable. Maybe after every time I lose a heart breaker I just go splash around in the pool. Something needs to happen.