Day Games Make The Heart Happy

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This is a beautiful sight to see but day games are dangerous as well. There are so many games on at night and you are usually doing things outside of work. When you are at a desk job the motto is always ” It’s on so I might as well bet it” and now you’re in the territory of losing all your money. As I sit here Glenny is saying he figured out baseball gambling and I’m getting upset.

Listen to someone whose life was saved by the Mystics yesterday morning and revived me to be able to bet today. Take your time and just #ridewithmush to get back on track.


Rangers @ Tigers

I feel like people are forgetting about the Rangers this year they just mash baseballs. They are 8 games over .500 and the Tigers are an embarrassment to baseball. The Tigers are pitching Spencer Turnbull and if you trust a guy with that name to win you money I am sorry but you’re mistaken. This Rangers lineup is pretty scary especially because Odor forgot how to hit and is hitting .177 so hell get going today and take us to victory.

Rangers -120

Braves @ Cubs

I am so sick of this fucking series. I wrote a lot about it yesterday that this fucking weatherman is bullshitting us about the wind. The over under has been outrageous throughout the series and under has hit every time. This is a pride pick so take Over 10.5 because there is just no way this one doesn’t go over. If the under hits I want to hear nothing ever again about the stupid wind in wrigley.

Over 10.5 

Take it easy on the day games and lets ride a positive wave hear.