Hitting An Over In The 1st Inning Is Better Than Sex

That headline is not just for clicks it is 100% true. When you bet on a game and you press submit on over 11.5 you are terrified. That is a shit ton of runs for a baseball game and these suckers hit it in the 1st inning. Let me break down the difference.

Sex: You know what you are getting out of sex when you are going into it. (Congrats on the sex I know) At every point in life sex will always be there for you and you won’t really get surprised most of the time. Unless I start cracking jokes in the middle of it but thats for another time.

Hitting the over in the 1st inning: I really can’t express how much joy overcomes your body when you hit an over bet that fast in a baseball game. When you see this happening you start to think something is wrong because it is just never that easy. Yeah people are saying center field is 385 so obviously it will go over. No, just no because Wrigley has 90000 MPH winds everyday and they win or lose 3-2. When you hit it this early, you start to bet everything under the sun because you think you are on top of the world and the best gambler to ever live. I was sitting there like an asshole today not love betting or anything just sulking that I wasn’t apart of this fun. I am still sitting here with a thumb up my ass live betting the WNBA game because I hate myself. Fuck you guys who had the over and if you had the under my god thats the worst bet ever.