Win Early In The Week So You Can Ball Out For The 4th Of July

We had the delightful London series this past weekend which was just free money if you took the over. Now we are onto the week of fourth of July and it is very important the way you plan your betting. Most people have off, the weather is nice and there is only baseball on. The most important thing you need to do is get some positive bankroll on your account before Thursday because you know for a fact you will be drunk betting baseball all day. You’ll be telling people at your 4th party that you figured out this whole betting thing and then it will probably all go down the drain. So I am here to help you out and win some coin as I continue my very minor hot streak.


Brewers @ Reds

I think I am getting suckered into something here. The Brewers are only -110 against the fucking Reds? Tyler Mahle is 2-8 with over a 4 era, Yelich can beat this team single handedly. Ask your motha, Aunts Unces all for there cash because this one is to easy. Don’t think about it to much like I usually do, just thank Vegas for the great line and hammer it.

Pick Brewers -110

There aren’t a lot of great looking MLB games tonight and it is also scary to bet them because the All Star break is coming and a lot of players check out. If you are feeling a little risky take this extra bet where the players are for sure caring.


Kings +2.5