Walk The Line: Thank God my wife made me wear a sport coat last week

Is it sports coat or sport coat? I really don’t know. Anyway, when I told my wife I was heading to the Dunkin’ Awards, she asked me what I was going to wear. I said “I’ll probably wear that Randy Savage shirt I like.” She immediately called bullshit and made me dress up.

Thank goodness.

When I walked into the office Tuesday afternoon, the first person I saw was Dave Portnoy. He saw my coat and said “Why are you dressed like that?” I said because of the Dunkin Awards.

His response was incredibly diplomatic: “I don’t like it.”

But I trudged on. And look great. So when people got on the shit list, I wasn’t on it. Finally, having a wife paid off.

As for the picks tonight, I’m going Giants ML (+150) at San Diego. Other picks are Reds ML (-110) over Brewers and US women (-0.5) over England tomorrow.

Elsewhere of today’s show, we talked about Barstool’s new college football podcast with myself and Kayce Smith. The show will debut Aug. 1. In preparation, I’ll break out a CFB topic every day in July. Today’s topic: Top 5 nonconference games in 2019:

5) Notre Dame vs. Michigan: ND has several tough road games this year while I think Michigan is one of two legit playoff contenders in the Big Ten.

4) Oregon vs. Auburn: I think we are nearing the end of the Malzahn era at Auburn, and this neutral site game is a ballsy way to open the season.

3) Iowa vs. Iowa State: Two division contenders in their respective conferences, this will be a Week 3 war.

2) Texas A&M vs. Clemson: I think A&M will be very good this year and Clemson is clearly a title favorite. A&M, like last year, will probably be the stiffest test the Tigers face all year.

1) Texas vs. LSU: Whichever team wins is set up for a big year. The loser is in for a disappointing season.