I Think I Found My Sport

So last night I gave you two winners. The Brewers was easy a shit and then I gave you the Kings at 11pm summer league basketball. They were the only underdogs to win all night and I sniffed it out. So we are going to do the same thing tonight and go undefeated.


Yankees @ Mets

This isn’t a biased pick at all. It is very simple the Mets are fucking terrible and they keep throwing out Zack Wheeler who also stinks. The Yankees only being -140 is a crime. This lineup just mashes baseball, I am a little worried about traveling from London but then I sit back and think it is still the Mets. -140 isn’t a bad number so just take the free money.


Angels +125

Brewers -110

Spurs +2.5

This is a HUGE night as I am already up and betting about to get real scarce. I am putting 2 units on everything because thats how confident I am in these and just #ridewithmush. I am fucking hot right now.