Walk The Line: Should I keep the facial hair or turn back now?

I feel more confident with the stubble. It takes me about 6 months to grow a full beard so I’ve never gotten there. But I’m 2-1 since growing it out. Maybe I should keep going until I lose. Some say I look like a young Kenny Loggins.

As for the picks, I’m all over fading the two teams who just traveled back from London.

Tonight, the Mets welcome the Yankees and the Blue Jays host the Red Sox. You can get both home teams as underdogs and since I’m an idiot who loves betting anyone with a + in front of their number, I’m all over Mets ML (+125) and Blue Jays ML (+145).

Also, shout out to President Thomas J. Whitmore and friends, who, on this day 23 years ago, withstood heavy fire from an alien invading force, and came out victorious two days later.

Other picks from Walk The Line tonight:

Indians-Royals over 9

Lynx -6.5 over Dream

I’m starting to get nervous about my move to New York. Where will I sit? Are they going to put me in Francis’ spot? Are they gonna put me with the really famous people, the kinda famous people or near the people nobody knows? I want to be at least in the kinda famous portion of the office.