Joey Chestnut Calls His Shot

This is it. This is what we all need because there is nothing more fun then everyone in the world on the same bet. You have to be fucked up in the head to see this and then take the under. This guy has one day to be the most famous/disgusting person in the world and you think he is going to lie to the world about eating over 74 hot dogs.

I want to take the time out for all of us gamblers and personally thank Joey Chestnut. We would have been sitting on our couches tomorrow thinking about drinking and not knowing if 74 hot dogs is way to much. The man eating these dogs and buns told us himself to take the over and I will for sure be taking it.

Last year our fantasy football league did a hot dog eating contest to see who picks 1st overall. All we had was 3 dogs 3 buns 3 beers and whoever did it the fasted. I obviously won with the time of 3 minutes and 46 seconds but I also threw up immediately after. So god bless this man ass after eating 75 hot dogs and winning us all cash.

OVER 74 may be the biggest lock of the century.