Fuck Baseball, Summer League Is Where The Money Is

So last night I actually did pretty well in baseball but the Yankees game was a real bitch. Especially as a fan of them because they were up all game and even with a great bullpen they blow it in the 8th and you get real sad real fast. What isn’t getting me sad is the NBA Summer League where it seems like I can’t miss. It is kind of sad how many games I have watched and staying up until 1am to see the ending.

NBA Summer League –

Spurs -2 vs Jazz

The Spurs have been my team as of late. Them and the Heat are pesky little rats that always hang around but the Spurs have some talent on this roster. Lonnie Walker is a player where I have seen since I was about 15 when i used to download rosters for the draft and he was always supposed to be a stud and he is. The Jazz have an alright squad.

Pick Spurs -2 

Extra –

Cavs +2.5

Yankees -140

#ridewithmush and watch me stay hot. Being up just changes your views on life and it feels fucking fantastic.