Taken too soon, everything about Jared Lorenzen was great


As reported by Matt Jones of KySPorts Radio and other, we lost a college football great today, as former Kentucky QB Jared Lorenzen passed away at the age of 38.

It stinks to watch athletes pass away. It stinks even more when they’re taken in what should be the prime of their lives. Lorenzen was a friend of Barstool and just a great all-around dude according to everyone who knew him.

And don’t forget how good he was in college. He was a highlight factory and made some of the most memorable plays in recent SEC history. He had a run with the Giants in the NFL, but he made his name ripping shit up at Kentucky.

Lorenzen threw 78 touchdowns and 41 interceptions at Kentucky, and his high point was an awesome 2002 season, where he passed for 24 scores and just 5 picks.

More importantly, he was a good dude, pretty much universally loved by everyone who knew him.