Joey Chestnut Needs To Be Criminally Charged

I didn’t want to re-live this but people need to be held accountable for what they say. Here at this company we make sure of that, Feits chained himself to a statue, Mouse moused himself and PFT ate horse shit. You can’t just say things in this world and not live up to it. I wrote a blog on Wednesday about how we all thank you Joey Chestnut for doin a service that nobody else does and give a personal lock. You are in the competition and know exactly how much you can eat so when you say to take something you better bet your rat ass were taking it. Im glad you won Joey bags but you fucked us buddy.

This is exactly what Dave says, why say anything about gambling when we have our lives on it. If he just said I can’t wait to win, good glad wonderful but stop trying to be a cool dad throwing out the gambling lingo. So I don’t want him going to the clink but I want him to be annoyed just like we all are. I know exactly the punishment I had to do when I got caught cheating on the Bio Regents. Make him go out to the high schools and weed wack with a shovel. You’ll be out there for hours trying to dig those damn weeds out of the cracks of the sidewalks. So when You see this Joey bags I have some weeds to be done at hotel mush and I’ll provide the shovel.

I take back the thank you from all of the degenerates and I am now scurrying for Summer League winners. It is a sad thing to do especially on Americas Birthday Joey.