Do Or Die Friday

As you can tell yesterday I was carefree because I was up $600. Well that is all gone now and it is do or die now. I already owe the bookie for two weeks and I need a positive week like I need air. If not were looking at selling shoes out of a garbage again.

Pelicans @ Knicks -5

This will be the most the Knicks are hyped up for the next 10 years. Everyone keeps talking about how good there summer league team is and i think they are right. They will be the only team that will play there key players for the regular season for a lot of minutes during the summer league. They are the dumbest people in the world so we might as well take advantage of it.

Knicks -5 


Yankees @ Rays -110

Everyone needs to realize that when you can get the Yankees -140 or below you have to take them. The lineup is buzzing and Tanaka is pitching today. The Rays are throwing a guy who only has picthced once but he actually killed it. Fuck all of that and a non biased pick just take the free money.

Pick Yankees -110


Heat -5.5