Walk The Line: The month of B-Walk is heating up

I enjoy the 4th of July for one reason: The 5th of July. And here’s why. On the 4th of July, I get filled with piss and vinegar and ambition, and I approach the grill as if I’m about to feed a pack of wild hyenas. I grilled more meat yesterday than any normal person should. I grilled 3 pounds of wings, 3 pounds of country ribs, 3 pounds worth of burgers and a ton of sausage.

So what does that mean? It means my 5th of July has been fuckin’ awesome. My kids are gone, my wife took a 3-hour nap and I’ve just been destroying myself with leftover meat. That’s what it means.

This week, we’ve been hot on Walk The Line, coming into tonight 10-4 for the week after a 2-1 showing Thursday. So I’m going big on this show, as I’ve got five picks for tonight and two for the weekend.

Up first, we go to Minnesota, where the Twins are a sneaky good under pick at home. On the road this season, Twins’ games are averaging 11.15 runs a night. At home, though, that number drops to 8.8. Further, the under is 21-17-2 in Minnesota this year. So the pick is Rangers-Twins under 10.

Other picks from Walk The Line:

Giants ML (-107) over Cardinals

D’Backs-Rockies under 8.5

NBA Summer League: Nets (-1.5) over Mavs

WNBA: Storm (-8.5) over Dream


US Women (-1)

US-Netherlands over 2.5 goals

And lastly, my second-favorite Fresh Prince scene ever was when Uncle Phil took over the pool hall and hustled the hustler. Have a good weekend.