Earthquake game. Just glad the kids are safe

On a serious note, I hope nobody was hurt in this earthquake. The NBA did the right thing where you see the huge ass scoreboard swaying with kids who haven’t been paid yet, you have to cancel the game. In a time like this I can’t be thinking about bets or anything else I am just happy we have people in this world that put peoples lives before sports. It is nice to see we have those typed of people in this world still.

If anyone was wondering the Pelicans were winning by 8 with 7 minutes left in the 4th quarter. Not that anybody should care in a moment where lives are at risk but the Knicks were -5 with no shot to win. I really would write in depth about how the Knicks couldn’t beat scrubs with their starting lineup out but it isn’t the time for that. I am looking on Facebook to make sure everyone checks in to say they are fine and I am glad nobody was hurt during this quake. The NBA officials have a good heart and a great brain on them. I am glad we can all come together here and look out for these players safety and not worry about the little things in life like I guess gambling or something.