Today Is Supposed To Be The Worst Gambling Day Of The Year?

Everyone is so god damn sad during this day with no baseball or any of the four major sports. I would usually wouldn’t agree with you because Summer league was the best thing to ever happen to me. The WNBA was my best sport I was flying in the wind this summer never having to pay the bookie. This week it ha taken a turn and just fucking give me football back. I am 0-10 on my last 10 the past two days. I am just upset watching these bets keep failing and I have asked the bookie to give me more money. Only way to get out of a hole is to keep betting.

NBA Summer League –

Timberwolves vs Heat -1

I am going to tell you now and forever that the heat are the best team to ever play in the Summer. They will be losing by about 10 really early and then be really annoying on defense and then just take the lead. This team you would have thought they have been playing together for years. I am 0-10 this week but just trust me on this team.

Pick Heat -1