$100k Cash Spilled On A Georgia Highway And People Are Shockingly Returning It To The Police

It rained money yesterday on I-285 in Georgia.

No, really, it literally did.

The Dunwoody Police posted on Facebook about the event, notifying the folks of Dunwoody to return the money that seemingly fell from the sky:

Nobody would actually return the money, right? I mean, what kind of narc would bag up the free money they got and bring it to the police. Good citizen? Pfffffffff. This is God giving me my taxes back.

Turns out there are some good citizens out there:

There’s a quote I often cite from Teddy Roosevelt. It’s about the man in the arena. I wasn’t in the arena of this situation, so I cannot say for certain what I would do, but I believe I would not have gotten out of my car to get the money. Sounds like a great way to get bad karma. Although, I wasn’t in the arena, so maybe I would have.

Is there anything wrong with what these people did? Absolutely not. If $100k cash is on the highway, it’s free game. Get that money. Collect the bag. If you feel bad about it, donate it to charity.