When You Go 0-11 You Are Bound To Win One

I was at the KFC Radio even last night and there was no service so I was bugging out the entire time. I am glad I didn’t watch it because the Heat fouled the timberwolves with 2 seconds and lost. Pal get a rebound to end the game you are trying to get a damn job. I was on the train until 1am just researching teams being upset about being down over a grand on a damn Wednesday. So this is the winner.

NBA Summer League –

Jazz -3 vs Rockets

The Jazz have been really good this Summer and the Rockets hav been sub par. The Jazz have like 30 year olds on the team still carving up the league. I also love Isiah Cousins from Oklahoma, he has been showing off and hell continue to do that. To be honest, do you know why I like this pick? It is because i fucking deserve it. It sucks being down this much. Just not winning one game out of 11 is just cruel