Police Warn That Flushing Drugs Could Create "Alabama Meth-Gators"

Officers with the Loretto Police Department in Tennessee arrested a suspected drug dealer who was found attempting to flush grams methamphetamine down the toilet on Saturday, according to a post on the department’s Facebook page.

Once police entered Perry’s home, officers found him trying to flush the meth and several items of paraphernalia down his toilet. Andy Perry was arrested after police found 12 grams of meth, 24 fluid ounces of liquid meth, and several paraphernalia items inside the house.

When I think of flushing drugs down the toilet, I think of one thing and one thing only, the scene in Goodfellas:


“This Folks…please don’t flush your drugs m’kay (sic). When you send something down the sewer pipe it ends up in our retention ponds for processing before it is sent down stream. Now our sewer guys take great pride in releasing water that is cleaner than what is in the creek, but they are not really prepared for meth.”

I want to live in a place where my police department writes “m’kay” in a Facebook status. I feel like I would fit in well.

SOURCE-“Ducks, geese, and other fowl frequent our treatment ponds and we shudder to think what one all hyped up on meth would do. Furthermore, if it made it far enough, we could create meth-gators in Shoal Creek and the Tennessee River down in North Alabama. They’ve had enough methed up animals the past few weeks without our help.”

Now, I live in New York, so I wouldn’t be directly dealing with this issue but are we sure that we don’t want to see what methed up Gators act like? It would be electric watching those videos from afar. Joe Rogan would probably have a 3 hour podcast just on these methed up Gators.What does a methed up Gator even do? Gotta ask Urban Meyer (ahhhhhhhhh).

Speaking of Florida, time for them to step up their game. If Alabam has methed up Gators, you’ve gotta be giving your Gators DMT or something. Can’t be having the most tame Gators. Bad for the brand.