Getting Back To Even Is By Far Better Than Winning

As everyone knows, this is legit the best feeling of all time. You feel more accomplished when you erase a huge deficit than actually making money. When you are up like $500 all you can think about it winning more and more. Being down a shit ton has you feeling on the ropes every time you press submit a bet. When you keep hitting key bets and you see that balance dying down you just want to prance around. Just imagine from going from thinking about what you have to sell to pay the bookie to all of a sudden I can pay this bitch off easy. I also hit the Over in the Giants game today in the 5th inning so your boy is getting hot.


White Sox -120 @ Royals

I am going to take this game one game at a time. (Probably not I say this every week) I have already hammered the shit out of this. The White Sox fans can only talk about Giolito every single fucking day so show up against the Royals. The Royals are absolute trash so lets see what he has. I am putting too much money on the White Sox and I am already scared.

Pick – White Sox -120 

Extra –

Phillies +160  

I am hot right now so hop on the train now. #ridewithmush