Walk The Line: The month of B-Walk continues

The hottest gambler at Barstool continues to roll right along. After an 8-2 finish to last week, we are converting 73 percent of our bets in July. Come football season, we’ll all be rich.

Is it the extremely weathered-yet-somehow-still-prepubescent-looking beard? Some say that. I just think it’s superior genetics, perfected through years of ill-advised premarital sex and drug usage by previous generations of Walkers that led to this exact moment, where I’m standing in the middle of a field in Mississippi and handing out winners.

On to tonight. My favorite pick is Chicago-Kansas City, where 62 percent of the public is on under for Royals-White Sox. I’m going the other way and picking over 8.5

Other picks for tonight:

Rays +145 ML over Yankees

Brewers -106 ML over Braves

Cubs-Reds under 10