As A Former Champion Of Rough N Rowdy, I Am Here To Tell You Why You Should Be Watching

It has been 5 months since this fight and it seems like this shit happened over a year ago. Barstool moves so fast I haven’t even been here a year yet. Anyway, Rough N Rowdy is pretty much fake life. They took a nobody like myself and Matt Brown and made us a main event in front of 40,000 people. The amount of hype around the fight before is unreal, people still notice me from the fight and say how unreal the event was.

I had A list celebrities like Diplo rooting for me and giving me tips on some fighting techniques. I can barely read and write but Rough N Rowdy is such a crazy event it makes people with no experience a prize fighter and you can’t get that anywhere else. From a fans aspect I think it is even better, you get to enjoy the entire thing without getting punched in the face.

Before I worked at barstool it was the best thing to pregame to. It was 4 hours of non stop knockouts and comedy. I actually still do it with my friends, $5 every fight pick a fighter and see who gets knocked the fuck out. After fighting in this I have the respect of the balls it takes to get in that ring especially with no experience. If you get your shit kicked in with that many people watching it is tough to come back from that. But it is awesome for the viewers.

The best thing you are going to get from this is the commentary, the crowd is always a story line where they are usually doing crazy shit. You might have a commissioner getting very upset or you can have Spider getting choked out. You have no idea what mayhem is about to happen so make sure you are part of the chaos.

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