Walk The Line: We're diving off the cliff for underdog Wednesday

My picks went 2-2 Monday. My picks went 2-2 Tuesday. I’m not in this business to go .500. Going .500 is boring. Walk The Line, my fantastic daily gambling show on the periscope of @barstoolgamblin is far from boring. I am electric.

So we’re going for broke tonight. I’m diving off the cliff with underdogs. One of the biggest is in Philadelphia, where the Phillies will try to take this 3-game series from the Dodgers. The Dodgers, one of the best teams in baseball, are heavy favorites, but give me the home underdog.

Philly is not bad at all and they had a thrilling win last night. I say that rolls over tonight, making Phillies +145 ML the pick.

Other picks from Walk The Line:

Orioles (+158) ML Over Nationals

Marlins (+143) ML over Padres

Rangers-DBacks under 10.5

Indians-Tigers under 9

Also, Dorothy was the best Golden Girl. She’s followed by Sofia, Rose and then, in a distant fourth, Blanche. Come at me.

I’m pretty sure round 1 of my Barstool friend interviews hits tomorrow, as I screened Barstool employees for the very exclusive Brandon Walker friend group. Up first are Mush, Smitty, Donnie, Mantis, Coley and then there was Trent, who declined the interview because he has no interest in being my friend.