Is This The Fastest Loss In The History Of Betting

Last night I attempted to get the whole world behind this one. I sat here preaching it all day and I guess I just didn’t think about how it isn’t me golfing. It is the best golfers in the entire world. I have watched every golf tournament as of late and hole in ones have not been common. That didn’t happen for this tournament. This might have been the fastest loss in my entire betting career, I didn’t even wake up yet.

If you listen to the fucking announcer mid shot he just says how favorable the flag placement is and then all of a sudden the ball miraculously finds the hole and my dreams of everyone riding this was dead.

I blame this on New York State because they took my guy Big Cat to Jury Duty and he usually stops me when I start to talk crazy. He sat me down this morning and told me I fucked up. It would have been so much more fun if we all took a hole in one because we would go absolutely bonkers if we saw that go in. For the 5 hours that this bet was live it was a good run, but I will be smarter. The worst part about it is that this guy stinks and won’t even make the cut but his sole job was to fuck with my bet. Some Bull shit.