I Am All For A Trevor Lawrence vs. Paul Finebaum Rivalry

Chief blogged earlier the brilliant troll by Clemson OL John Simpson:

Who knows if he actually believes this, but it’s a great response to Dylan Moses comments earlier in the week:

I’m sure thousands of Alabama fans were triggered by John Simpson’s comments. Why am I sure of this? The governor of Alabama (Paul Finebaum) responded by saying this:

Trevor Lawrence did not appreciate these comments from PAWLLLLL:

Screen Shot 2019-07-18 at 3.14.35 PM

Clemson fans response:

Paul Finebaum is the perfect college football media member. He’s beyond biased, but will never claim he is. He defends the SEC with all his heart and won’t let anyone tell him otherwise. He’s good for the game of college football and star players chirping him proves why.

Speaking of Trevor Lawrence, I love how John Simpson went to ACC Media Days dressed as Trevor:

We are getting closer, folks!!!! 38 days away!