Shane Lowry Winning A Tournament After His Mom Bet 50 Euros On Him At 250/1 Makes Him A Better Son Than You'll Ever Be

So back in 2009 Shane Lowry was an amateur competing in the Irish Open. Needless to say 250/1 makes a little more sense now. What did Lowry do? Oh just went on to win the whole damn thing, shooting -17 and beating Robert Rock in a playoff.

That launched Lowry’s career and allowed him to do win the British Open by SIX damn shots this weekend. That lead also gave us time for the announcers to talk about Lowry’s background including winning that tournament with his mom betting him at 250/1.

Imagine knowing you not only won the Irish Open as an amateur and Irishman, but also the fact you just won your parents an extra $12,500 Euros. Nice little payday for mom and dad on a $50 bet while staying in a rental house where they kept the lights off so they wouldn’t have to pay electricity.

I’d imagine winning the British Open in Northern Ireland is cooler, but that Irish Open win had to be unbelievable. However, this scene is just unreal: