Football Guy Coach O Has To Hate LSU's New $29 Million Locker Room

Yesterday, LSU debuted their new locker room in Death Valley. From the photos, it looks like a great place to regroup after getting shut out by Alabama or losing to Troy.

My first thought when I saw the new locker room was of Coach O. There is absolutely no way he likes it. Coach O wants the locker room to look like they did back in the 60s. Nothing but metal and wood. Sleeping pods? Personal iPads? Absolutely shocking that Coach O allowed that.

If LSU loses a game to a lesser opponent this year, I’d guarantee that Coach O blames the locker room. Made his team soft. Why would you even want to go to practice or play in a game if your locker room is a 5-star suite?

P.s. Still not enough money to pay the players?