LSU Student Tweets About Shitty Library (0 TD's Scored In 159 Years On Campus) Following New $29 Million Football Locker Room

I blogged about LSU’s new locker room earlier:

It’s beautiful. It looks like it’s out of a futuristic alien space ship. Coach O is going to hate it.

The locker room totaled $29,000,000. That’s a lot of money. Some think that money should be used in a different way, like for a new center that is strictly devoted to the fine arts from the years 1837-1843.

Okay, it’s a shame that LSU’s library looks like that. But, Cat McKinney, I’ve got a question for you. Since LSU was founded in 1860, how many TDs has the library scored? How many sacks? Zero? How many times has 90,0000 people showed up to watch Sally study for her Accounting exam? Zero? Okay, so that’s why your library looks like shit. Maybe it needs to hit the gym or something. Get it’s weight up.

In all seriousness, the locker room was fueled by donations. If Cat McKinney wants to hit the campaign trail to find donors to fix the basement of LSU’s library, she is more than welcome. Also, the library doesn’t turn profit like this:

It’s hard to put into perspective how important LSU football is for the entire school, city of Baton Rouge, and state of Louisiana. I don’t know how you’d exactly quantify it, but I’d argue it’s close to half a billion dollars annually added into the economy. Look at what West Virginia did for the state in 2018: