Mike Gundy To Son: I Won't Play You "Even Though I'm Sleeping With Your Mom"

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Mike Gundy may not have ever won a Big 12 championship. He's never been to the college football playoff. But god damn does he have great hair:


On top of the great hair, Gundy is a funny guy. Last year, he hit us with an iconic fart sound:

And now, he's given us a historic quote on his son potentially playing for him at Oklahoma State:

When asked how he would coach his son, Gunnar,

Mike Gundy's son being named Gunnar? Perfect. Him being a QB? Even more perfect.

if the situation arose: “I told him, if you come to Oklahoma State, I’ll coach you like I do everybody else… If you’re the best player, you’ll play. If not, you won’t play — even though I’m sleeping with your mom.”

Boom. Roasted.

Mike Gundy fuccckkkkssssss:


Here's the family:

Here's a throwback: