If You Bet Unders In Baseball Yesterday, You Feel Like A Real Asshole Today

Last night was one of the few nights where us dumb bettors could have benefited. Most of us bet the over when we don’t really know what to bet but every single over hit last night. It wasn’t easy either the Cardinals game took until the 10th inning and those suck bags scored 7 runs.

I have always said that if you lose a heartbreaker like this in the 10th inning you deserve like 25% of your bet back. You are sitting there watching this fucking game and counting your money if you have the under. Scoring 7 runs in extra innings is equivalent to breaking up with your girlfriend over slack. (I don’t know what sack is I just know business people use it) Big Cat bet all overs on the weekend and decided to take yesterday off which is exactly what I thought would happen. Having 10 games hit over in baseball is a blessing but now I feel like we are fucked for today. You have to be crazy to not want to bet all unders now.

That is the life of gambling. You just think there is zero chance every game is going to go over and then you are left with no shirt on their back. Be careful tonight and the rest of the summer friends, it is a cold world out there.