Walk The Line: Looking for sports betting lessons

I need sports gambling lessons. I need someone to take me under their wing and nurture me back to full gambling health. I’ve had two straight nights of bad beats and baseball bullshit. It ends today.

Or maybe not.

On today’s Walk The Line, the award-winning gambling show on @barstoolgamblin periscope, I gave out five surefire winners. My first one is in Minnesota, where I can get the Yankees at a pretty good price (-117). This has been the most entertaining series of the entire season and last night’s game was a classic. I think the Yanks take the series because they’re a better team, so Yankees’ ML is the pick.

Other picks from Walk The Line:

Braves-Royals under 9.5

Padres-Mets under 8.5

Viewer picks

Chris Linnehan: Rockies team total over 3.5 vs. Nats

Andy Wolfbarger: Cardinals ML over Pirates

Also, I am still putting together my friend squad for New York. Every Barstool employee is still eligible, except for Trent: https://www.barstoolsports.com/video/1372170/building-team-walker-round-1