Was Last Night Marcus Stromans Last Start In Toronto?

The answer is yes. Which is crazy to say when you have a young ace in your rotation that is absolutely dominating in the best division in baseball. It isn’t even like he saying he wants to be traded its just that the front office hasn’t made any implications on signing him to a long term deal. You can see in this interview all he wants to do is dominate every 5th game in whatever city he ends up.

Stroman has the 3rd lowest ERA in baseball and all the man needs is some run support. He is a perfect fit for the Yankees right now. The Yankees need a starting pitcher in the worst way, He is from New York and we know he can pitch in the east quite well. Clint Frazier was scratched from the lineup today so maybe this is actually happening. He also is a savage and I don’t know if you heard the Yankees are Fucking Savages.

This man is on a mission and if he brings this energy to the Bronx there is no stopping us. If he goes somewhere else it will be a real problem because running into him in the playoffs could be a real problem. Just sign him please.