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Parallel Parking Peaked In 1933 And Has Never Been The Same Since

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I don't know how to parallel park. I know that doesn't help my case as an Alpha Male, but I'm just being honest. Can I do it? I'm sure, but you've got to give me some time. I get nervous when a car pulls up behind me when I'm trying to parallel park on the road. I just go look for another parking spot. It's too much stress. That's why when I saw this video this morning, I was in shock:

All I hear about is how innovative Elon Musk is, but I'm highly doubting his accomplishments after seeing how simple parallel parking was in 1933.

It's been 86 years since this video was taken. Aren't we, as a society, supposed to progress? Why is it that parallel parking is next to impossible in 2019, but in 1933, it was as simple as pushing a button? I know we have "automatic parallel parking" on some cars now thanks to computers and shit, but I've never trusted them. I've tried them and they stink. Give me the fifth-wheel option and we are golden.