Wisconsin-Alabama Home-And-Home Announced, Will Nick Saban Be Around For It?

This is awesome for many reasons. Let's list them.

  1. It's a home-and-home. I love that we are slowly getting away from big-time teams only playing neutral site games. I get the financials behind it leading schools to want to play early season non-conference games in Jerry World, but it's so much more fun as a fan to see Wisco play in T-Town and Bama play in Madison.

  2. Anytime Alabama signs a contract to play a game north of the Mason-Dixon Line, my eyebrows raise. The last game they played north of the Mason-Dixon Line was in 2011, @ Penn State. I won't believe it will happen until I see them do it.

  3. The question that arose in my mind was simply: will Nick Saban be around for these games. Assuming this game will be played in August, he'd be 73 for the first game. Would it be possible? Of course. I'd set the line at: Yes +200/No -250.