PMT: WWE Superstar Nikki Bella, Tony Scheffler and the Mt. Rushmore of Farm Animals

- We’re stuck in the last day of July with the only news being LeBron James AAU celebrations (2:27 – 6:20).

– Jon Gruden is trying to make Nate Peterman happen and Jerry Jones vs Ezekiel Elliot is the hold out of 2019 (6:20 – 14:15).

– Hot Seat/Cool Throne including the Mets incompetence and USWNT salaries (14:15 – 26:26).

– Old time friend, recurring guest and former NFL TE Tony Scheffler joins the show to talk about the famous 2 on 1 video and the Mt Rushmore of farm animals (26:26 – 47:06).

– WWE Superstar Nikki Bella joins the show to talk about her career in wrestling, twin kissing theories, and is wrestling real (47:06 – 88:03). Segments include Bachelorette talk for guys that dont watch the Bachelorette, Respect the Biz Stephen A Smith, PMT Sports Biz Minute, and Guys on Chicks.

And for new stoolies who need a history lesson…