Alien's Ain't Played Nobody: NASA Has Found An "Exoplanet" Shaped Like A Football

I'm not a big space guy. It freaks me out. There's so much out there and it makes me feel irrelevant. Just let me enjoy my small life problems in peace. All that being said, I found this pretty cool:

Hell yeah, aliens playing football out in space (even though this doesn't really look like a football). If the aliens do ever come in my lifetime, I hope we fight for our planet in a winner take all football game. 4 quarters. 15 minutes each. Our best vs. your best. Whoever wins gets to keep earth.

Speaking of aliens, I watched the Bob Lazar documentary recently after listening to him on Joe Rogan. Gotta be honest, as a conspiracy guy, Bob Lazar just isn't doing it for me. Give me something more than just the government having access to an element that defies/reverses gravity. I understand why that could change life as we know it forever, but that's it? Also, Lazar has to work on his believability.

If you are looking for a better space conspiracy, check out "space is fake" on YouTube. I went down a rabbit hole the other night. Top tier conspiracy if you ask me.