PMT: Football Is Back (Sort Of), 3-Point Champ Joe Harris, and Mt. Rushmore of Press Conference Moments

- Football is BACK, kind of.

– Hall of Fame Game happened and was awesome for like 3 minutes. Matt Schaub is still a QB and we got some Dan Quinn jokes off.

– Baseball trade deadline.

– Fyre Fest of the Week and Big Cat is addicted to giving away Madden Codes so he gives away a couple during the show.

– Mt Rushmore of Press Conference Rants.

– Brooklyn Nets’ Joe Harris joins the show to talk about winning the 3 point contest, getting Kyrie and KD, Virginia Basketball, and staying out of the Embiid/Dudley brawl last year.

– Segments include Embrace Debate does Melo deserve a retirement tour? Sorry not sorry LeVeon Bell, Hot in the street “City Boy Summer vs Hot Girl Summer”, FAQ’s and Bubba has to sing Take on Me as punishment for missing his flight.