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PMT: Jim Harbaugh, Training Camp Week, and the Mt. Rushmore of Things We Don't Understand

- Training Camp week is here and we have Coach Harbaugh on the show after embarrassing ourselves in his Golf tournament.

– PFT survived his rugby weekend and who’s back of the week including Brady’s contract and crazy Lolla videos (2:28 – 19:21).

– Mt Rushmore of things we don’t understand (19:21 – 40:27).

– Coach Jim Harbaugh joins the show to talk about the return of Football, what this season means for his team, how he does everything (EVERYTHING) on Excel, and the “look” his brother has over him (40:27 – 79:51).

– Segments include hurt or injured Antonio Brown’s feet, Stay Woke Larry Johnson, new segment Melo Dramatic, and a drunk idea.

– We’re going to Milwaukee tuesday and want to watch Hard Knocks at an AWL’s house. Email