PMT: Lions Head Coach Matt Patricia, Ghost Hunting In Milwaukee, Hard Knocks & Mt. Rushmore Of Cheese

- Hard Knocks is here and Derek Carr is really awkward. Jon Gruden knows where every camera is and Mark Davis is a swagaholic. Rich Paul gets a new rule which is badass.

– We start hunting ghosts mid show in our hotel room.

– Hot Seat/Cool Throne including feral hogs running wild.

– Mt Rushmore of Cheese in honor of being in Wisconsin.

– Lions Head Coach Matt Patricia joins the show to talk about football being back, what makes a Football guy, could he build a rocket to the Moon, and the haters.

– Segments include trouble in paradise, way to stay relevant baseball, Even a blind pig finds an acorn for the Redskins, and our friends from Supernatural Investigative Crew (@SICInTheShadows) joins the show to ghost hunt in our hotel room and ask listener questions about Ghosts and Ghouls.