LSU DE Claims Key To Gaining 30 Pounds Is Walking Around Campus With Bricks In Your Backpack


Barstool Sports may be the most pro-LSU sports media organization out there. Nobody has believed in Coach O quite like PMT has.

We'll get into what I think about LSU heading into the 2019 season closer to their first game, but I will give you a little bit of a preview: I'm a big fan DE Jarell Cherry. He's my breakout candidate for the 2019 season on the LSU Tigers. Why? It's simple:

"What classes are you taking with all those books?" lol, good one coach!

I know one thing about Jarrell Cherry's transformation and that's Coach O respects it more than any other guy on the team. That's because Coach O is a football guy. He respects a guy doing something absurd like carrying bricks around campus opposed to a guy transforming himself with sports science in the lockerroom. Why? Because getting big through old school methods like carrying around bricks is what gets Coach O fired up. Old school.

P.s. Jarell Cherry went to Dallas Carter. Yes, that's the school from Friday Night Lights. 

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